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(Self-portrait, 2013)

The short version: I'm a retired MD, interested in photography for over 60 years, experienced in darkroom and digital image processing, and derive great pleasure in being able to make images and share them with others. I believe a good print is the best way of showing a fine art photograph.

More detail: My interest in photography began as a teenager in the 1940’s, and continues to evolve. With my first film camera (a Kodak folding ‘620’) I learned the basics of capturing images, mainly of ‘the usual suspects’ (family and friends). Darkroom skills followed soon after, beginning with a primitive darkroom in the cellar of our home. Through an after-school job assisting a local wedding photographer, I refined these skills and also learned to use (and carry!) a large format 4x5 Speed Graphic press camera, along with sheet film holders, flash, etc. 

After completing my medical and postgraduate studies in the mid 1960’s, I rekindled my interest in photography, building a succession of darkrooms in our various homes. My interest and skill in fine art photography evolved gradually during this time, through self-education (including visits to art galleries and museums) and enrolling in various workshops led by local and nationally known photographers. More recently, especially with the advent of digital photography, I’ve been influenced greatly by my involvement in our local camera club, receiving helpful feedback on my images and learning from the work of other members.

In addition to capturing subjects that interest me, I’ve strived to master image composition so the resulting image is one that I like, friends and colleagues enjoy, and those who know me might say, "That looks like a 'Laurie' . 

I've also learned a lot from photographers whose work I've enjoyed in books, galleries and museums. I particularly admire the following:

Martin Parr, Jay Maisel, William Wegman, Richard Misrach, Michael Kenna, Bill Owens, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt, Andre Kertesz, Lee Friedlander, Tom Baril, Josef Sudek, Fan Ho, Michael Wolf, and my son Jon Naiman.

They share in common an ability, through their subjects and how they portray them, to evoke curiosity, feelings and  perhaps a quiet chuckle. I encourage you to google any that you're curious about.